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Museum – fluorite mineral photo gallery
Mineral Group - Supplier Fluorspar – metallurgical concentrate (lump sorts of fluorite) Mineral Group - We sell fluorspar – flotation concentrate (acidic sorts of fluorite) Mineral Group - We deliver fluorspar – briquetted concentrate (adjustable chemical composition) Mineral Group - We supply fluorspar – welding flotation fluorite (welding sorts of fluorite)
We deliver Ferromanganese silicon. We sell Ferromanganese. We supply Metallic manganese. Shipment Nitrated manganese. We export Ferrosilicon. Ferrotungsten sales for export. We import Ferro We import Ferrotitanium. Ferromolybdenum sales for import. We carry out supply of Ferrovanadium. Mineral Group - Ground talcum (for production of rubber articles and plastic masses) Mineral Group expansion of relations with suppliers of ferroalloys and fluorspar concentrates.
Our company is interested in expanding of relations with suppliers of fluorspar ferroalloys concentr We shall supply with fluorspar as briquettes of FB grade. Fluorite, FK, FF, FFS, 92, 95, 97,GOST,ISO Shipment of the goods from industrial plants factories Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, China Fluorite delivery is carried out from stocks of distribution center of Kirghizian, Kazakhstan, Irans Mineral Group - delivered talcum (industrial and medical grades).
Mineral Group - sales carbonates (for food and non-food industries). Mineral Group - we seel ferroalloys (for metal and chimical manufacture). Mineral Group - Shipment metal-roll (Ukrainian metallurgical industrial plants) Delivery of ferroalloys, metal-roll, talcum, carbonates. Ferroalloys, metal of Ukrainian industrial Mineral Group – know-how. produces briquette of FB grade, chemical composition of which.

Information on fluorite mineral
Fluorite matrix. Fluorite structure. Fluorite mineral composition. Information.

Fluorite (lat. fluor = flow), fluorspar, fluoride-class mineral, chemical composition CaF2. Sometimes Ca in small quantities is replaced with Y (yttrium-fluorite) rare-earth elements (TR), Sr, Mn, Na, U. It crystallizes in cubical system, forming so called fluorite structure. The crystals are in the form of a cube, octahedron etc.; the units are compact, macrocrystalline, grainy, earthy, (ratofkite). Hardness on mineralogical scale is 4, density 3180=3200 kg/m2, in yttrium-fluorite up to 3300 kg/m2, fusion point is 1360°C. Various coloration (yellow, green, violet etc.)It is quite often zonal, spotted due to formation of color centers. Luminescence under the influence of ultra-violet rays is typical for fluorite caused by foreign color centers in dark –blue-violet spectrum area (ions Eu2+) and in yellow-green area (ions Yb2+). Thermoluminescense is observed caused by ions Mn2+, TR3+. Isotropen has small dispersion, low refractive exponent (1,434), transparency in wave-length range 0,0125=10 mkm that makes fluorite a valuable optical raw material.

Fluorite is a widespread mineral of various origins. It is deposited in a wide temperature interval, hydrothermal and metasomatic as a rule. It is sometimes found in sediment (ratofkite). A very important typomorphic mineral of genetic mineralogy.

It is used in metallurgy as flux; in chemical industry for obtaining of hydrofluoric acid, cryolit; in ceramic production for manufacture of enamels, glaze. It is used as a feed stock for synthetic crystal growth F.; clear, transparent, colourless or faintly coloured sorts of F. It is widely used in optics for lens, object-glass and telescope manufacture as well as in the production of prisms for vacuum and X-ray spectrographs. Activated TR and U, synthetic fluorite laser material.

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Production sales
Fluorspar wholesale. We sell fluorite from wholesale stores and distribution centers in Ukraine.

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Our offer

Mineral Group is the importer of fluor-spar concentrates in Ukraine. Fluorite wholesale.
  • We sell fluorspar
    FK-65, FK-70, FK-75, FK-85, FK-92, FK-95
    FF-92A, FF-92B, FF-95A, FF-95B,
    FF-97-1, FF-97-2, FF-97-3, FF-98-1
    FB-75, FB-80, FB-85, FB-90, FB-92, FB-95, FB-97
    FFS-95, FFS-97
    GOST : 29219-91, 29220-91, 24626-81, 4421-73

  • The company sells ferroalloys. Pricelist and specification for ferroalloys.
  • We supply ferroalloys
    FeSiMn (GOST 4756-91), FeMn (GOST 4755-91)
    Mn (GOST 6008-90), Mn(N), FeSi (GOST 1415-93)
    FeW (GOST 17293-93), FeTi (GOST 4761-91)
    FeMo (GOST 4759-91), FeNb (GOST 16773-85)
    FeV (GOST 27130-94)
    In compliance with standards GOST, ISO.

  • Supplier of chemical production. Selling of calcium carbonate, talc and metal production of Ukrainia
  • We shall supply with calcium carbonate, talcum and metal-roll
    White grinded talcum (GOST 19729-74)
    Industrial talc (GOST 19729-75)
    Micro-talcum (GOST 19284-79)
    Calcium carbonate (GOST 8253-79)
    Metal-roll of Ukrainian plants

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    Photo gallery
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    Mineral Group - delivered talcum (industrial and medical grades). Fluorite delivery is carried out from stocks of distribution center of Kirghizian, Kazakhstan, Irans Shipment of the goods from industrial plants factories Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, China
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