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Contact information

Regarding purchase and sales matters please refer to contacts specified below.

E-MAIL  Mineral Group is the supplier of ferroalloys and fluorspar in Ukraine. Contacts.      e-Mail:

  • PHONES  Mineral Group  metal-roll sales and purchase Advantageous conditions of cooperation.   Phones:

  • Tel.: +38 _(056)_ 796 - 21 - 02 - russian
  • Tel.: +38 _(056)_ 788 - 21 - 02 - english
  • Tel.: +38 _(056)_ 372 - 25 - 96

  • FAX  Mineral Group  offers fluorspar and ferroalloys supplies from worldwide manufacturers.         Fax:

  • Fax: +38 _(056)_ 372-25-96
  • Fax: +38 _(0562)_ 39-44-65

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    Additional information

    Ukrainian supplier of ferroalloys and fluorspar in Ukraine. Map of Ukraine. Europe  Ukraine. Fluorite shipment:

    FK-65, FK-70, FK-75
    FK-85, FK-92, FK-95
    FF-92A, FF-92B
    FF-95A, FF-95B
    FF-97-1, FF-97-2
    FF-97-3, FF-98-1
    FB-75, FB-80, FB-85
    FB-90, FB-92
    FB-95, FB-97
    FFS-95, FFS-97

    GOST 29219-91, 29220-91
    GOST 24626-81, 4421-73

    Mineral Group Company is the largest exporter of ferroalloys and fluorite importer (spar) Mineral Group is the largest
    ferroalloys exporter and fluorite importer (fluorspar) in Ukraine and outside.

    United structure of the company includes Fluorite LTD UA, Varsum Trade Limited UK and Forline Invest LLC.CO USA, controlled by Mineral Group (Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine, Europe). It allows creating maximum effective and beneficial working conditions for consumers of our production either for a large metallurgical company or a small mill.

    Shipment of the goods (fluorspar) is carried out from stocks or distribution center in Ukraine, or from industrial plants (factories): Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, and China.
      Mineral Group Forline Invest Varsum Trade Limited ©2024
    MINERAL GROUP - ferroalloys and fluorspar (fluorite) supplier