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Production sales
Fluorite fields development
Fluorite, fluorspar fields in Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, China, - fluorite.
«Mineral Group» LTD is at direct deliveries from leading world manufacturers of fluorspar (fluorite).

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Our offer

Mineral Group is the importer of fluor-spar concentrates in Ukraine. Fluorite wholesale.
  • We sell fluorspar
    FK-65, FK-70, FK-75, FK-85, FK-92, FK-95
    FF-92A, FF-92B, FF-95A, FF-95B,
    FF-97-1, FF-97-2, FF-97-3, FF-98-1
    FB-75, FB-80, FB-85, FB-90, FB-92, FB-95, FB-97
    FFS-95, FFS-97
    GOST : 29219-91, 29220-91, 24626-81, 4421-73

  • The company sells ferroalloys. Pricelist and specification for ferroalloys.
  • We supply ferroalloys
    FeSiMn (GOST 4756-91), FeMn (GOST 4755-91)
    Mn (GOST 6008-90), Mn(N), FeSi (GOST 1415-93)
    FeW (GOST 17293-93), FeTi (GOST 4761-91)
    FeMo (GOST 4759-91), FeNb (GOST 16773-85)
    FeV (GOST 27130-94)
    In compliance with standards GOST, ISO.

  • Supplier of chemical production. Selling of calcium carbonate, talc and metal production of Ukrainia
  • We shall supply with calcium carbonate, talcum and metal-roll
    White grinded talcum (GOST 19729-74)
    Industrial talc (GOST 19729-75)
    Micro-talcum (GOST 19284-79)
    Calcium carbonate (GOST 8253-79)
    Metal-roll of Ukrainian plants

  • Links directory
    Ukrainian metallurgical complex sites catalogue. Information search, personal links exchange. Go to web site directory

    Photo gallery
    Fluorite mineral photos, ferroalloys, chemical composition, industrial usage of fluorite. See all pictures
    Fluorite minerals photo collection made by us as well as pictures of rare (museum) exhibits. Mineral Group - Fluorite fields development. Fluorite, fluorspar fields in Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, China, - fluorite.

    Minerals museum
    Mineral Group – images of mineral rocks. Nice pictures of fluorite minerals CAF2 See all pictures
    We shall supply with fluorspar as briquettes of FB grade. Fluorite, FK, FF, FFS, 92, 95, 97,GOST,ISO Our company is interested in expanding of relations with suppliers of fluorspar ferroalloys concentr Mineral Group expansion of relations with suppliers of ferroalloys and fluorspar concentrates.
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    MINERAL GROUP - ferroalloys and fluorspar (fluorite) supplier