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Photo gallery. Photos of fluorspar
Mineral Group - Fluorite concentrate for welding materials Mineral Group - is the largest importer of fluorspar (fluorite) in Ukraine and outside. Mineral Group - We supply fluorspar (fluorite flotation concentrate). MG - We sell full range of acidic, welding and metallurgical fluorite grades, as well as pellets. Shipment of the goods (fluorspar) is carried out from stocks or distribution centers in Ukraine.
Shipment from industrial plants (factories): Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, and China MG - produces briquette of FB grade, chemical composition of which is remarkable for high stability Mineral Group - Fluorite concentrates for metallurgy. Mineral Group - Fluorite concentrates for acids and ceramics Mineral Group - Fluorite pellets - briquetted fluorspar
Mineral Group - Fluorite concentrate for welding materials Mineral Group - Museum – fluorite mineral photo gallery. Information on fluorite mineral. Mineral Group - Fluorite matrix. Fluorite structure. Fluorite mineral composition. Information. Mineral Fluorspar supply offer includes full range of acidic (GOST 29219-91), welding (GOST 4421-73) Fluorspar supply offer includes full range metallurgical GOST 29220-91 and briquetted GOST 24626-81
Spar sales of acidic, welding and metallurgical fluorite grades, GOST 29220-91, 29219-91, 4421-73. Fluorite - glass and optical lens, glass fiber, glass heat-resistant pipes, fluorides, fluoric salts Fluorite - anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, welding electrode, powder wire, hydrofluoric acid Fluorite - high-quality silicate enamel, in metallurgy, slag dilution (fluxes), in production. Fluorite - for the purpose of decreasing the temperature of metal melting, electrolytic aluminium.

Fluorite informational directory

Abbreviation in fluorspar grade names
  • FK – lump fluorite
  • FF – flotation fluorite
  • FB – briquetted fluorite (fired pellet)
  • FFS – welding flotation fluorite
  • FKS – welding lump fluorite
  • FHS – welding chemical fluorite
  • FG – gravitational fluorite
Fluorspar. Determination of Activators

GOST 7619.13-91
«Fluorspar. Determination of Activators»
«Acid-grade fluorspar. Determination of flotation agents»
The present standard defines gravimetric determination method of flotation agents in fluorspar used in the production process of hydrofluoric acid. The method spreads for those products, which were subjected to flotation processing with equal or more than 0.002 % mass quantity of flotation agents in dry material.

GOST 24626-81 - Fluorite pellets (briquetted fluorspar) Fluorite pellets (briquetted fluorspar)

GOST 24626-81
«Fluorite pellets (briquetted fluorspar)»
The present standard applies for fired pellets produced from fluorite concentrate (fluorspar concentrate) designed for metal manufacture.
We deliver fluorspar – (GOST 24626-81) – briquetted concentrate (adjustable chemical composition) BF See offer from Mineral Group company

GOST 29219-91 - Fluorite concentrates for acids and ceramics. Fluorite concentrates for acids and ceramics

GOST 29219-91
«Fluorite concentrates for acids and ceramics»
The present standard applies for fluorspar (fluorite) concentrates supplied in the form of flotation concentration designed for hydrofluoric acid and fluoric salts production as well as for chemical and glass industry.
We sell fluorspar (GOST 29219-91) – flotation concentrate (acidic sorts of fluorite) FF-92, FF-95 See offer from Mineral Group company

GOST 29220-91 - Fluorite concentrates for metallurgy. Metallurgical fluorspar concentrates

GOST 29220-91
«Fluorite concentrates for metallurgy»
The present standard applies for fluorspar (fluorite) concentrates supplied in the form of gravity concentration products as well as by way of lump and sorted concentrate designed for metallurgical industry.
Supplier Fluorspar (GOST 29220-91) – metallurgical concentrate (lump sorts of fluorite) FL-65, FL-70 See offer from Mineral Group company

GOST 4421-73 - Fluorite concentrate for welding materials. Fluorite concentrate for welding materials

GOST 4421-73
«Fluorite concentrate for welding materials»
The present standard applies for fluorspar (fluorite) concentrate, designed for production of welding materials for general and special purpose: powder wire electrodes, fused and ceramic welding fluxes.
We supply fluorspar (GOST 4421-73) welding flotation fluorite (welding sorts of fluorite) WFF-95,97 See offer from Mineral Group company

Production sales
Fluorite fields development
Fluorite, fluorspar fields in Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Mongolia, China, - fluorite.
«Mineral Group» LTD is at direct deliveries from leading world manufacturers of fluorspar (fluorite).

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Our offer

Mineral Group is the importer of fluor-spar concentrates in Ukraine. Fluorite wholesale.
  • We sell fluorspar
    FK-65, FK-70, FK-75, FK-85, FK-92, FK-95
    FF-92A, FF-92B, FF-95A, FF-95B,
    FF-97-1, FF-97-2, FF-97-3, FF-98-1
    FB-75, FB-80, FB-85, FB-90, FB-92, FB-95, FB-97
    FFS-95, FFS-97
    GOST : 29219-91, 29220-91, 24626-81, 4421-73

  • The company sells ferroalloys. Pricelist and specification for ferroalloys.
  • We supply ferroalloys
    FeSiMn (GOST 4756-91), FeMn (GOST 4755-91)
    Mn (GOST 6008-90), Mn(N), FeSi (GOST 1415-93)
    FeW (GOST 17293-93), FeTi (GOST 4761-91)
    FeMo (GOST 4759-91), FeNb (GOST 16773-85)
    FeV (GOST 27130-94)
    In compliance with standards GOST, ISO.

  • Supplier of chemical production. Selling of calcium carbonate, talc and metal production of Ukrainia
  • We shall supply with calcium carbonate, talcum and metal-roll
    White grinded talcum (GOST 19729-74)
    Industrial talc (GOST 19729-75)
    Micro-talcum (GOST 19284-79)
    Calcium carbonate (GOST 8253-79)
    Metal-roll of Ukrainian plants

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    Photo gallery
    Fluorite mineral photos, ferroalloys, chemical composition, industrial usage of fluorite. See all pictures
    Fluorite minerals samples photo gallery. Own pictures, ClipART, museum, rare minerals Fluorite minerals photo collection made by us as well as pictures of rare (museum) exhibits. Mineral Group - Fluorite fields development.

    Minerals museum
    Mineral Group – images of mineral rocks. Nice pictures of fluorite minerals CAF2 See all pictures
    Mineral Group - delivered talcum (industrial and medical grades). Mineral Group - sales carbonates (for food and non-food industries). Mineral Group - we seel ferroalloys (for metal and chimical manufacture).
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